When Satan Wore A Cross

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To trace the history of The Living Word Fellowship is to witness the broader influence of evangelical Christianity on American culture since the Baby Boomers reached maturity.

My parents first came in contact with Stevens as a voice emanating from a tape deck at meetings they attended while in graduate school at Purdue University in the mids. How did a conceptual artist who spent the s hobnobbing with the Beatles end up, in the s, speaking in tongues on a farm in rural Iowa? All cults have a foundational text, whether a how-to manual Dianetics , a memoir Mein Kampf , or a hybrid of the two The Art of the Deal.

My joy must be in doing His will, in being His slave, in the confidence that whatever comes to me, when following Him, is His doing. Submission, of course, is imperative to many religions, but in The Living Word, salvation is achieved by filtering this impulse through bureaucratic hierarchy.

When I was growing up, the social and therefore spiritual stratification of Living Word churches resembled the corporate structure of a Fortune company: each congregant literally reported to managerial figures assigned by an intercongregational oligarchy known as the Apostolic Company APCO in dependably shifting, haphazard, and dumbfounding arrangements. Which is to say that, throughout its history, The Living Word Fellowship has distinguished itself from other contemporary evangelical Christian organizations by remaining intensely secretive and insular, and this has led many of its commentators and former members to label it a cult.

ASaH 10:39 “Acts”

Tan, fit, and newly remarried, Hargrave, who did not respond to interview requests, cuts an attractive figure for a widower in his sixties; frequently taking the pulpit in a loosely draped Hawaiian shirt—the de facto uniform of Living Word leadership since the s—he appears an affluent, laidback CEO. Wade in , as well as the liberal policies and perceived weakness of Jimmy Carter, who had received support from evangelicals in the election due to his candid discussion of faith on the campaign trail.

Among this cohort of political disrupters was Charles E. Vain Glory , available on YouTube , is so comically amateurish in its execution that it largely undermines its own agenda: Cox occupies the frame for more than a third of the film, waxing nostalgic for his salad days in swinging London and bemoaning the messy aftermath of his marriage to Ono in the same breath that he brags about his closeness to the Lennons.

Everyone was talking as if they were talking through electronics. Electricity in the air. Tom Wolverton joined the church in San Diego when it was called Coniah Chapel and he was a senior in high school, in His mother had recently died, his father remarried and moved to Oklahoma, leaving him an orphan by default. The Summer of Love had ended and things like Altamont had happened and pollution was still running rampant. The Age of Aquarius was not panning out like we thought it was. On the conservative side of hippie. By , Brother Stevens was now Papa John, the clerical robes were traded in for a leisure suit and a lei.

When Wyatt met her, Marilyn was a beautiful single mother of two in her early thirties who claimed Native American heritage and could dance to John Lee Hooker. This peculiarly casual attitude toward divorce, deployed as a tactic of psychological abuse, had the ironic effect of terrorizing Living Word members for decades. Though he had harbored reservations about The Living Word since the s, Tom Wolverton remained in the cult until his two children left in the early s. In the interest of keeping the family together and the kids having two parents involved in everything, I chose to stay and just be a good boy.

At the time of his death, Stevens was mourned in at least twenty brick-and-mortar churches across the United States, but his word lived on in tapes and pamphlets of his sermons delivered by mail to individual subscribers and informal congregations around the world. Because these broadcasts were dominated by prominent leaders of historically respectable institutions, upstart evangelists, backwoods fundamentalists, and other representatives of marginal religious communities learned to become more entrepreneurial in how they got their message out: tent revivals, tape ministries, Christian rock festivals, cyberchurch.

Often, the messages themselves are entrepreneurial. Since , internal tensions in The Living Word have reached new highs—but not because of Boomers.

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Living Word membership has been in steep decline since the products of its second baby boom have come of age in the last two decades. Though a number of my kingdom school classmates enlisted to build sanctuaries in Brazil and preach sermons in Iowa, most of us have chosen secular lives, taking advantage of the modern temptations we were brought up to hold in contempt: higher education, career ambition, mobility and travel, unsanctioned sex.

When Satan Wore a Cross is a shocking true story of official cover-ups, madness, murder and lies—and of an unholy human monster who disguised himself in holy garb. Visit Seller's Storefront.

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I Saw Satan | Andrew Marzoni

AbeBooks Bookseller Since: May 31, The world has its own standards according to the masses but who's order are you following? When people disobey the Creator and do what THEY want, that is their choice and their right but there are consequences to every action. We must NOT fear man or what people may think when walking the path of truth, because only Y a H u W a H can take your body and ruwach spirit for your disobedience! The Egyptians then took that " T " symbol and added her fertility egg symbol on top and called it the Ankh.

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  3. Further Reading.
  4. Chapter 4 - Tactics of Satan by Neal Pirolo.
  5. See a Problem?!
  6. Just like ALL the other pagan symbols, historical study and research once again proves that crosses were already on the earth hundreds of years before the savior, Y a H u WSh u WA was even born! Down through time, you can see the continued use of this evil satanic symbol, even satanists wear crosses around their necks. The word "cross" comes from the Latin word "crux", which means a similar thing, an upright beam or pole.

    There are 2 words in Greek used to describe wood or a tree:. What shape the wood was, scripture doesn't say but it was most probably a flat board. The Romans never wasted time digging, they holes but nailed the condemned to a wooden board, and then that was nailed to a tree. History tells us that the Romans performed torturous acts on people nailed to cruxes G an upright stake, pole or beam. Other research comes from a Dr. His years of research state that Jerusalem is a city and the trees around it are NOT forest trees but smaller trees like olive trees and fig trees. So how would they build ALL these high wood crosses that we are led to believe existed and are seen on these Babylonian Christian "Jesus" movies,if there aren't any forests remotely nearby?

    Historical research tells us that wood was in short supply in Israel, during Roman times. Crosses in Roman times were usually made from old trees and old branches,since lumber was scarce. Hundreds of people were regularly killed,slowly and painfully by the Romans in this way,while being exhibited in public. Our modern nicely finished and varnished wooden crosses are far from the horrifically terrible and ugly reality of real crucifixions.

    It is more likely that smaller trees were used or fashioned to handle the thousands of executions.

    Wooden sticks or poles were stuck into the ground along major walkways to offer maximum public viewing which included public ridicule and scorn. Since wood was scarce,the Romans used trees for crucifixions,and they would have the criminal carry the crossbar or cross beam made of wood to the crucifixion site themselves. The specific wood used for crosses for criminals is not exactly known. No wooden remains of any historical Roman crosses survive today as crucifixions were outlawed by Constantine in the 4th century, about three-hundred years after Y a H u WSh u WA 's death.

    Olive trees have very oily wood, so an olive tree weighs a lot for its size.

    When Satan Wore A Cross

    It's also extremely strong, and olive trees were highly prized, so the wood was rarely if ever used for building. We can also eliminate Red River Gum. It's a eucalyptus tree, making it slightly poisonous, especially so if ingested. In dry climates, the trunk often twists, so getting a good piece of wood to build would have been a challenge.

    It's also a bit brittle, so working it by hand can be a massive challenge. In wet areas, it will grow straight, and the wood itself has a bright red finish — quite pretty — but its most favored use is still as firewood. Cypress is a possibility, It was used to build the doors of St. Peter's Basilica, and it has a nice smell.

    When Satan Wore A Cross When Satan Wore A Cross
    When Satan Wore A Cross When Satan Wore A Cross
    When Satan Wore A Cross When Satan Wore A Cross
    When Satan Wore A Cross When Satan Wore A Cross
    When Satan Wore A Cross When Satan Wore A Cross
    When Satan Wore A Cross When Satan Wore A Cross
    When Satan Wore A Cross When Satan Wore A Cross
    When Satan Wore A Cross When Satan Wore A Cross

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