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And now I can finally produce one. It was quite unusual for women to write sonnets at all, let alone ones attacking another well-known poet. The last lines state:. Penny McCarthy points out that, elsewhere, Nashe discusses the Gentlewoman as if she were a real person, wishing he could encounter her naked, and calling her a strumpet.

I have not been squattering at my papers for nothing, and albeit I cannot paint with my pen like fine Sappho, yet I can daub with my ink like none of the Muses: and am prettily provided to entertain St. Fame with a homely gallimaufry of little Art, to requite her dainty flaumpaump [ornamented pastry] of little wit. Also, like Shakespeare, the Gentlewoman likes inventing words.

As the former long-term mistress of Lord Hunsdon, the patron of the theater company, Lanier would have been in a perfect position. However, if we were to credit her with the Shakespearean works, then Lanier would certainly qualify as having achieved the rare perfection of immortal work that Harvey referred to. Two Gentlemen of Verona , traditionally thought to have been largely written before , would have been in draft. Harvey says that the Gentlewoman is engaged in creating a specific satire of Nashe, in which his brazen wall will be battered to pin-dust.

So here at last is direct documentary evidence that there was an active woman playwright in London, close to the University Wits, writing in John Hudson has had a career in multiple fields, is a graduate of the Shakespeare Institute at the University of Birmingham, and directs the Dark Lady Players , an experimental Shakespeare ensemble. We are a non-profit organization, wholly supported by The New School, and by the generosity of our sponsors and readers.

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      Word forms: plural gentlewomen countable noun A gentlewoman is a woman of high social standing , or a woman who is cultured, educated , and well-mannered. She decided to set up a training scheme for 'gentlewomen who aspired to be teachers'. You may also like. English Quiz. Word of the day:. NEW from. Collins English Dictionary. Derived forms. Obsolete a woman born into a family of high social standing; lady. Obsolete a woman in attendance on a lady of rank. US a female member of the U. House of Representatives : usually a form of address.

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      All rights reserved. Word origin. Example sentences including gentlewoman. These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content. Read more…. Trends of gentlewoman.

      Training a Gentlewoman 3 Training a Gentlewoman 3
      Training a Gentlewoman 3 Training a Gentlewoman 3
      Training a Gentlewoman 3 Training a Gentlewoman 3
      Training a Gentlewoman 3 Training a Gentlewoman 3
      Training a Gentlewoman 3 Training a Gentlewoman 3
      Training a Gentlewoman 3 Training a Gentlewoman 3
      Training a Gentlewoman 3 Training a Gentlewoman 3
      Training a Gentlewoman 3 Training a Gentlewoman 3
      Training a Gentlewoman 3

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