The Phoenix Project (The Phoenix Chronicles Book 1)

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Chapter 2: Looking for Solid Ground

Once again we had the opportunity to play 2 Phoenix Project DevOps simulations with senior managers from a global company. This document reveals their key behavioral takeaways. How many of these do you or your management team need to adopt? The Phoenix Project business simulation game, based upon the book with the same name, is a dynamic, classroom-based, interactive workshop.

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See how many you or your management team might recognize. At the end of the session there was a clear, shared recognition that:. These types of transformations are all about changing behaviors. Often in these types of Transformations we think it is always somebody else who has to change. However change starts with yourself taking ownership to make change happen. I look forward to reaching out to this organization in a few months to discover more about their journey. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Return to Book Page. Preview — The Phoenix Project by M. Pritchard Goodreads Author. Love, deception, and conspiracies in a post-apocalyptic America, this is how dystopia is created. There is one thing on her mind and that is to get home. She meets Adam on the highway. If only she had forewarning to the secrets Adam harbors.

She thought making it home was the hard part, but getting there is just the beginning. The Phoenix Project 2. The Reformation 3. Revelation 4. Inception Winter Get A Copy. Published by Pritchard Publishing first published February 28th More Details Edition Language. The Phoenix Project 1. Phoenix, New York United States. Other Editions 3.

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To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Phoenix Project , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Mar 03, Tammy K. Glass Jawed author Please see the authors website on this title Where she sends her readers out after the two star reviewers mostly me admittedly and takes my lines out of context.

Nicholas C. Rossis

Goodreads note: I wrote this review for Amazon, and rather than write a sec Glass Jawed author Goodreads note: I wrote this review for Amazon, and rather than write a second review for GR I posted it here. Please Be advised that the 2 star didn't like it , and 1 stars hated it reviews of this product on Amazon have been targeted with "not helpful" votes.

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I am stepping away from the pack on this story. Not only did I not enjoy it, I actually had to force myself to finish it. I have said before and will now again, I accept that each reader will have a different reading experience and hence a different opinion of a book. I see where the pack of reviewers have placed this book. Here are some of the reasons why: The whole story is told in first person narration. I find this to be off-putting and was unable to slip inside the world of the story to mentally see the events unfold.

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I was left on the outside listening to Andie make excuses for inexcusable choices. In case I did not make this clear already, the characters are horrible! Poorly written, often stereotypical which includes the cookie cutter villains. The main character is shallow, weak willed, morally questionable and frankly I disliked her so much that I kinda hoped she would die at the end.

Bringing the Phoenix Project to Life – The Phoenix Project DevOps business simulation workshop

Through out the story the M. Let me tell you about the questionable choices of our Main Character Andie a little bit more so you might see why I found her character to be distasteful. When the story first starts, she says how her husband Ian is the only man she has been with, the love of her life, and so on. Yet when she finds out that he is being controlled by the town council aka Sovereigns she allows him to remain in a drug induced state, slaving away to the council while she begins her affair with Adam. She never once tries to free her husband, pull the contaminated cans of food off the shelf, or even give him non-drugged food.

Wow, now if that doesn't say love, I do not know what does. Instead she chooses to become a council ruler for her daughters sake, wink wink.

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I, for one, would not want to be married to the main character nor have her as a neighbor, nor as my nurse, sister or well anything. As for the kind of mother she is, everyone tells her that her daughter is a genius, but somehow she never knew this.

Wendy Scott

She keeps saying she is choosing her fate as a Sovereign for her daughter but a good mother would get her daughter to safety, not stick around town and set up a select breeding program for the community. For me, if I can not get behind a character to cheer them on then the whole plot runs sour quickly. When all these choices backfire she flees the town. As a serious science fiction novella this plot does not work. However, since all the male characters seem to be sexually attracted to Andie, with just a little more work this could easily be turned into an erotic novella which might be worth reading?

Do I recommend this book. While the author's knowledge of neonatal care is obvious, the story takes too long to get to the main plot line. I do, however, like that we return to this knowledge later kudos. A vague similarity to THE ROAD exists in that why things happened is not necessarily as important to the story line other than that they did happen. Unlike THE ROAD, however, the specific reasons for the manipulation of the populous, encompassing the terror of big brother, denial of freedoms, loss of family, forced eugenics, intrude and prevent a smoother read.

Constant reminders of the outside world render what is happening in this enclave less believable based on what the heroine knows. And we know what she knows because this is written in the first person. What was important was the heroine's attempts to manage her future and save her daughter. On some level, she does an admirable, logical job of trying to maintain family. On other levels, she flails. As revelations tumble out at the end of the novel, my reasons for being unable to embrace her are born out: no man seems able to resist her innate charms black street youth, the old squeeze, the improbable new squeeze, the evil bad guy, her savior from the second banana bad guy ; she's smart and talented beyond her years, yet barely uses that intellect to understand then undermine the ramifications of what she is doing; she can take beatings beyond reason and still keep on ticking.

Sadly, the other major characters lack depth.

Inspiration for The Phoenix Project – Immersive fantasy fiction

Also, read fast. You may not fall into some of the plot holes that exist whenever a megalomaniac tightens his grip on people and place. Grammatical hiccups occur too often, though none are killers. However, the sequel-setting epilogue is an unnecessary information dump, wrapping up some things to make the ending palatable. The author missed a huge opportunity to make a moral, political, ethical statement by not providing enough information throughout the story to allow the ambiguity at the end to led to fevered discourse.

Phoenix is a slightly better than average story that missed an opportunity to be a seminal work of fiction, a solid "3". This author does bear watching for future books. This book was my introduction into the world of indie authors self-publishing, and it was a positive one! Usually typos and grammatical errors in books really irritate me, but here they didn't, I guess because I knew beforehand there was no professional editor taking money to comb through it and tweak it.

The Phoenix Project (The Phoenix Chronicles Book 1) The Phoenix Project (The Phoenix Chronicles Book 1)
The Phoenix Project (The Phoenix Chronicles Book 1) The Phoenix Project (The Phoenix Chronicles Book 1)
The Phoenix Project (The Phoenix Chronicles Book 1) The Phoenix Project (The Phoenix Chronicles Book 1)
The Phoenix Project (The Phoenix Chronicles Book 1) The Phoenix Project (The Phoenix Chronicles Book 1)
The Phoenix Project (The Phoenix Chronicles Book 1) The Phoenix Project (The Phoenix Chronicles Book 1)
The Phoenix Project (The Phoenix Chronicles Book 1) The Phoenix Project (The Phoenix Chronicles Book 1)
The Phoenix Project (The Phoenix Chronicles Book 1) The Phoenix Project (The Phoenix Chronicles Book 1)
The Phoenix Project (The Phoenix Chronicles Book 1) The Phoenix Project (The Phoenix Chronicles Book 1)
The Phoenix Project (The Phoenix Chronicles Book 1)

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