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Exploring the Gnostic Mysteries of the Ineffable

Despite the surge of interest in Gnostic texts following the discovery of the Nag Hammadi library, the Coptic Books of Jeu and Pistis Sophia remain understudied. Often dismissed as convoluted, confused, and repetitious, Erin Evans convincingly shows that these texts represent the writings of a distinct religious group with a consistent system of theology, cosmology, and ritual practice. This book offers an in-depth examination of these texts, their relationship to other contemporary Gnostic ideas, and their use in the context of a practicing religious group.

Three thematic sections demonstrate how the collection of texts functions as a whole, covering baptisms and mystical ascent procedures, guides to moral living, and introductory texts and myths. More Options Prices excl. Add to Cart. View PDF Flyer. Contents About.

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Pages: i—x. Holy Sophia, goddess who leads to the One God, fill me with your emptiness, and darken my spirit with your light, Amen. Hail, Queen of Heaven, Mother most merciful, our life, our sweetness, and our hope.

On the Origin of the World, Gnostic Texts

You lead us on this pilgrim journey, and to you we cry when we seem mired, in the pain of exile from our true home. And, gentle Mother Sophia, you soothe our tears. Turn then, most gracious Advocate, your eyes of mercy toward us, and bring us into the unity of the Pleroma, with your heavenly consort, our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Mysteries for the Sophia Rosary Top. The last mysteries are taken from the Ecclaisia Gnostic Rosary, the ones before are inspired by the story of Sophia. In darkest night, when lights are dim, and all in sight seems sad and grim, I find you there, your arms surround me, your spirit fills me and it grounds me. We pray Thee, Beloved Mother, to cast forth thy net of woven starlight.

Pistis Sophia: The First Book of Pistis Sophia: Chapter 1

Fling it wide across the ocean of the universe to gather us home to the realms of Light. Three awesome poems to Sophia written by SharOn Alder. In Her Great Love, in Her undying Compassion, Her great Grief and Sorrow, at Her rejection, non-acceptence, not from the personal grief point of view only, but from the effects of Her messages, wisdom, guidance, Her great Labour for Her people and humanity and Mother Earth.

But She is not separate from Her Essence and Feels all the grief and sorrow and pain of Mother Earth in all her aspects including humanity. So here goes….


This Sophia longs for the touch, Even the merest touch of her golden gilded consort. She has searched the highest heavens and found many a true lover, And poured ever her infinite bliss from the diamond studded chalice of her being. Some sucked her chalice dry then placed her in a forgotten corner until their thirst rose yet again; Some tossed aside the chalice only to smash it against the rough stones. From each lover, indeed, She has found and rejoiced in parts of her Divinity, and in agony She pieces them together.

She longs from the four sides of eternity For Osiris to rise within her yet again. She who is endless Love waits to be Loved, Not just for a moment, but Eternity…. How should I respond who has experienced endless, boundless Love, and have been repudiated from this world? How should I respond when the world I laid with such Love and Grace is trashed and decimated with war, greed and avarice?

How should I respond, who Am the embodiment of Love, to see my sisters, daughters and children abused and neglected? How should I respond when the means of this World have not supported Love in this life, but have put all else before Her call to enter the Silence and be embraced in Her Great Love? How should I respond when those with whom I have shared my Love still choose the allurements of this mortal world and self-aggregandizement, Yet leave this body and heart desolate?

Tomorrow when the children and women and old folks are fed; Tomorrow when the needy have clothing, food and shelter; Tomorrow when the guns are turned to plowshares; Tomorrow when my daughters are not raped nor choldren beaten; Tomorrow when we give back to and take care of Our Mother; Tomorrow when in Her Name there is Rejoicing,. I have given them eyes to see, and they have not seen.

I have given them ears to hear, and they have not heard. I have given them a mind to discern, and they have not discerned The Ways of Holiness. I have given them a Heart, and they have not loved one another Or the Holy Mother.

Pistis Sophia

I have given them a bright star to guide them to the Holy Land, Yet they have wandered in the Deserts of Desire and Despair. Who has prepared their Hearts for Her Return? Who has raised for Her, Her Sacred Temples? Who has clothed and honoured Her Sacred Daughters? Who has fed Her little Children? Who has cared for the aged and the crippled? All these metaphors are our feeble human attempts and projections as we try to draw near to the Mysterious One. In order to have a personal relationship, however, it is helpful to name the Divine.

I resonate immensely with her qualities of guidance, truth-bringing, and companionship. She is always with me as I search for the way home, which is what I am consistently doing on my spiritual path. I know that this relationship is never just for myself.

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It is out of this affinity with Sophia and my ongoing transformation that I am consistently led outward to the world in which I am to give my life and service. Sophia always draws me up and outward once I have been led down and inward. It is a cycle that I trust. O Dancer of Creation, the earth awakens to an urgent call to grow. In the hidden recesses of my wintered spirit I, too, hear the humming of your voice, calling me, wooing my deadness back to life.

My soul yawns, stretches, quickens, as the energy of Spring revives my weariness. I sit with wonder, observing the steady activity of downy woodpeckers and newly yellowed finch. For a while my doubts, anxieties, and worries become like chapters in some ancient book whose text no longer claims my full attention. I am content to sit, watching Spring turn the pages of this animated publication, eager to discover the invigorating story reflected in my own springtime revelation.

Tell me, Wise Awakener, why is it easier to believe in a stem of new grass, or the opening bud of a fresh purple crocus, than it is to believe in the greening of me? Taken from Prayers to Sophia. Copyright by Joyce Rupp. All Rights Reserved.

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Used by permission of Innisfree Press, Inc. I am the She-ness of All that is, I am Sophia. I am the breath of that which you have spoken. I am the breath that is and that is yet to be birthed. I bring within my words and energies a fulfillment that comes not from the substance of earth, nor from the substance of self.

Sophia of Jesus Christ

I ask you to taste the sweetness that you are as you kiss the lips of God. I ask you to taste the sweetness that was destined to be your life before you chose the conflict. The virgin martyrs Faith Hope and Charity with their mother Sophia are depicted as three small girls standing in front of their mother in widow's dress.

It is a large-scale allegorical painting depicting Divine Wisdom personified on the left and Hercules , representing Strength and earthly concerns, on the right. Sophia also figures prominently in Theosophy , a spiritual movement which Anthroposophy was closely related to. Helena Blavatsky , the founder of Theosophy, described it in her essay What is Theosophy? Since the s, Sophia has also been invoked as a goddess in Dianic Wicca and related currents of feminist spirituality. The installation artwork The Dinner Party features a place setting for Sophia. There is a monumental sculpture of Holy Wisdom depicted as a "goddess" in Sofia , the capital of Bulgaria the city itself is named after Saint Sofia Church.

Songs of Sophia

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the asteroid, see Sapientia. Main article: Holy Wisdom. Further information: Holy Wisdom iconography. Further information: Sophiology. Boston: Allyn and Bacon. Palo Alto: Mayfield. Oxford: Oxford University Press, , pp.

The Book Of Sophia The Book Of Sophia
The Book Of Sophia The Book Of Sophia
The Book Of Sophia The Book Of Sophia
The Book Of Sophia The Book Of Sophia
The Book Of Sophia The Book Of Sophia
The Book Of Sophia The Book Of Sophia
The Book Of Sophia The Book Of Sophia

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