Tami and the Nakesh Troll

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Who is it? Salazar Women called and asked for me by name- Didn't identify herself and got the company wrong- Was probably fishing but for what I don't know- When I said I'm not from that company she promptly hung up- Weird. They could not help without me divulging my name or phone number- Well apparently caller ID doesn't work where ever this number goes too and I willtraver it tonight and let you all know if it is even in the Good Ole USA.

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Never leave a message. RE: "I know you are fooling around with my wife". Think it's a sSCAM. Just wondering, It's odd to see someone posting about two scams at once. What an idiot.

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P-S- This is not the phone number that called, but the first one on is , The second one I do not have, as it is an unknown number. I said what number do u want?

The hung up. Debt Collector,?

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Same as above,? Same as above. Someone JUST called me from this number literally a min ago-" They're available to annoy people by calling constantly but not available to take any calls? It's irritating to the point where I wanna turn my phone off.

Tami And The Nakesh Troll.

KRAFT Craigslist scammer, saying military man and wanted banking info to send payment to- Thanks again for your service. Complete scam and waste of my time.

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I'm prob gonna go in an hour or :P , "Ya'll partin downtown? P-S- NEVER call back a number listed on a questionable letter, either ALWAYS look it up yourself and be sure you're calling the REAL company, not just any old number given to you in a letter And don't contact the email address they give you, either It's a Felony to send anything through the U-S- mail that's bogus, but by the time you've called the number that they listed, or logged onto a website they gave you, and given them all your personal info- to supposedly 'verify that it's really You', - they've already stolen your Identity and your Bank account money, etc- By the time you figure it out, your wallet is emptied, and you can complain to the Feds all you want, but by then your Identity and money is long GONE.

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Smith Left several vulgar messages on my work voice mail, sounds like possibly children playing. I called back and got the answering machine, which said it was majorie rodriguez. I'm pissed for being woken up!

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When teenage Miralee saves some village children by fighting off a demon with nothing but a song, her life gets out of control. She wants to be a bard, but her father is against such an impractical and unfeminine pursuit.

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Miralee's blossoming powers Bagwar's Run is the largest, filthiest, most dangerous city in the world. The gangs control the streets, and the Wizards sit at the head of the council of gangs. These mean tempered mages are the roughest, dirtiest, belchingest, spittingest spell-cas Thirteen-year-old Dexter is forced to assume the throne of Pozzelby when his father, uncle, and brothers are assassinated while on a hunting trip. Dexter has to put aside his grief to try to unravel the conspiracy, while avoiding become the killer's

Tami and the Nakesh Troll Tami and the Nakesh Troll
Tami and the Nakesh Troll Tami and the Nakesh Troll
Tami and the Nakesh Troll Tami and the Nakesh Troll
Tami and the Nakesh Troll Tami and the Nakesh Troll
Tami and the Nakesh Troll Tami and the Nakesh Troll
Tami and the Nakesh Troll Tami and the Nakesh Troll
Tami and the Nakesh Troll Tami and the Nakesh Troll

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