Nuevos misterios de la Historia (Spanish Edition)

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Used items may not include supplementary materials such as CDs or access codes. May show signs of minor shelf wear and contain limited notes and highlighting. Information In very rare cases, your book may take longer to reach than quoted for unexpected reasons. Some of those fleeing, like the poet Antonio Machado, would die during the exodus or shortly after. Many others did their best to start new lives in France, North Africa or the Americas, almost always dreaming of someday returning to a free Spain.

Kirmen Uribe is a Basque language writer, and one of the most relevant writers of his generation in Spain. The languages into which the novel has been translated already exceed fifteen, including French Gallimard , Japanese Hakusui Sha and English Serenbooks. Art and culture have been central to these processes, both to expediting gentrification and to strategies of resistance and Latinx place making.

This is evident in the role art galleries and culture-based developments have played in the gentrification of urban cities as well as in the rise of Latinx artistic interventions that place culture and place-making at the forefront of their practice.

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It shows us how women took the walls of a prison and in doing so, radically transformed prison space and prison time through a unique coming together of art, justice and education. Introduced by Felipe Vara del Rey NYU Tisch, Film About the Film: The story of two men on different sides of a prison riot — the inmate leading the rebellion and the young guard trapped in the revolt, who poses as a prisoner in a desperate attempt to survive the ordeal. Through detailed studies of popular music, collective readings, dramas, working-class manuals and fiction, Vialette reveals how depictions of urban philanthropic activities can inform our understanding of interactions in the economic, cultural, religious, and educational spheres, class power dynamics, and gender roles in urban Spanish society.

Coordinator of curricular innovation from the gender, critical theory and cultural critique perspectives in Graduate Studies at the Humanities at UNAM until today.

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The lineup strikes a delicate balance between emerging talent and established filmmakers, as well as between commercial and independent productions. By featuring a variety of genres, languages, and geographical origin, this showcase brings North American audiences a glimpse into the state of the art in contemporary filmmaking from Spain. Julio Ramos has written extensively about literary and visual culture in Latin America and the Caribbean. Diamela Eltit is a groundbreaking Chilean novelist, essayist, critic, and university professor.

She has been awarded with the Premio Nacional de Literatura de Chile. A personal attack on both capital punishment and Fascist Spain, it evaded the state censors and is now regarded as one of the greatest Spanish films of all time. This film takes a hard look and, despite the implicit drama, is not without humor when it comes to two women and their families reluctant to leave the unique neighborhood of Villaverde. The discussion will be in English and Spanish, with simultaneous interpretation in both languages.

Miradas Paralelas Parallel Looks. Iran-Spain: Photographers in the Mirror, provides the platform for the first encounter of twelve female photographers from Iran and Spain who, from such distant origins, unmistakably surprise us with their affinities. This panel discussion will be held in Spanish and will bring together performing arts professionals providing access and practical advice and sharing insights and strategies to strengthen their artistic practice.

With the support of the Andrew W. The event, which will be held in English and Spanish with simultaneous translation in both languages, is free and open to the public. Cuba is currently in the throes of unparalleled change. Cubans are encountering U. The mystique of change and the intensity of encounter rarely afford U. Cuban cinema is a powerful force that can help to shape the moment. The NiUnaMenos movement in Argentina and Latin America has been a laboratory of these new discourses and forms of intervention.

This series of conversations consider how instruments of remembering and reparation have emerged beyond state sectors, and in the absence of government policies, opening important breaches of recovery and reclamation for victims and their descendants. Andrea Cote Gloria Gervitz. Andrea Cote. Colombia, From the AIDS epidemic in New York to the politics of human rights in Buenos Aires, activists in the Americas of the late s fought against state policies that defined which human lives should be protected and which lives could be abandoned.

These activists created a politics of the precarious that revealed and contested conditions of vulnerability, exposure and survival suffered by citizens who were subject to the dictates of the state.

Introduced by Laura Rojas. Introduced by Mariela Dreyfus and Lila Zemborain. Carmen Berenguer. Puerto Rico, A bilingual edition translated by New York-based poet and translator Mark Weiss will be presented, in dialogue with Mariela Dreyfus. Introduced by Luis Madrigal. Bios Gaspar Orozco. The place is a symbol of the dictatorship. Introduced by Mariela Dreyfus. Puerto Rico has endured years of continuous and ongoing colonial rule: first under Spain, and, since , as a possession of the United States.

We are happy to announce that our mission to foster and promote Spanish and Spanish-speaking cultures is now reaching Twitter. Through this means, we hope to start new conversations within the NYU community, as well as with our fellow organizations devoted to academic and cultural endeavors in the New York City area.

Reception to follow.

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Thursday, December 8, p. The study analyzed baby teeth from children living near a polluting battery recycling facility in Los Angeles. Chemical educator and Compound Interest blogger Andy Brunning shines a light on how the big bang and reactions in stars forged the elements. El estudio de modelos de la NASA sugiere que las tormentas de polvo en el Sahara son las principales responsables. The metal-free, low-temperature process produces the biodegradable strong acid by reacting methane with sulfur trioxide.

Using a chiral anion catalyst to prepare poly vinyl ethers transforms them from niche materials to practical plastics. Chemical educator and Compound Interest blogger Andy Brunning shines a light on the parts of the periodic table that make life possible. A combination of two techniques offers a clinically feasible way to measure inflammatory response in chronic lung diseases.

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A pair of studies show that cytidine base editors, but not adenine editors, create off-target edits. Colibactin alkylates DNA in cells lining the intestines, possibly triggering first step toward cancer. Device could replace ineffective insulin pills and avoid the need for shots, study in pigs suggests.

Chemical educator and Compound Interest blogger Andy Brunning compares the ingredients in the two different laundry formulations. Mice develop a milk allergy when given fecal transplants from allergic babies, suggesting some gut microbes may help protect against the condition. Preclinical compound targets Wolbachia bacteria that are essential for nematode reproduction. Otro embarazo puede estar en camino. Another pregnancy may be underway.

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Chemical educator and Compound Interest blogger Andy Brunning illuminates the materials science behind various lighting options. Supramolecular structure binds glucose strongly and selectively, pointing to future incorporation into diabetes treatment devices. Transparent, self-healing film fends off more than liquids, including concentrated acids and low-surface-tension solvents. Chemical educator and Compound Interest blogger Andy Brunning highlights the molecules exploited by the carnivorous plant to lure, catch, and digest its prey.

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A year after being knocked down by Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rican university chemists and students are back to work—but not quite back to normal. A year later, companies consider how they can better prepare for the next natural disaster. A year after the storm, scientists are trying to gauge the long-term impact on water and air quality. Chemical educator and Compound Interest blogger Andy Brunning examines the chemistry and impact of cisplatin and its sibling compounds. Nod for Onpattro caps two decades of academic and industry work to translate RNA interference from idea to drug.

Study turns up large family of organic-inorganic materials that could find low-cost, lightweight applications in electronics. Study shows how stopping one enzyme could help drugs treat an important class of cancers more effectively. Simple pieces of equipment decrease the danger of moving small volumes of chemicals prone to igniting. Chemical educator and Compound Interest blogger Andy Brunning wrings all the molecular details out of the popular goo. El rover Curiosity proporciona datos sobre las misteriosas plumas de metano del planeta rojo.

Brands like Juul deliver a form of nicotine that is less harsh to inhale than free-base nicotine. Chemical educator and Compound Interest blogger Andy Brunning explains the similarities and differences between the two bath products.

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Reactions at one active site influence reactions at other sites within the same particle and between nearby particles. Chemical weapon used in U. Estos microorganismos vivos transcriben y traducen ADN con seis bases en lugar de las cuatro habituales. Researchers take frustrated Lewis acid-base pair concept in a different direction with a new mode of cross-linking in self-healing gels.

Nuevos misterios de la Historia (Spanish Edition) Nuevos misterios de la Historia (Spanish Edition)
Nuevos misterios de la Historia (Spanish Edition) Nuevos misterios de la Historia (Spanish Edition)
Nuevos misterios de la Historia (Spanish Edition) Nuevos misterios de la Historia (Spanish Edition)
Nuevos misterios de la Historia (Spanish Edition) Nuevos misterios de la Historia (Spanish Edition)
Nuevos misterios de la Historia (Spanish Edition) Nuevos misterios de la Historia (Spanish Edition)
Nuevos misterios de la Historia (Spanish Edition) Nuevos misterios de la Historia (Spanish Edition)

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