Noche de difuntos (Eclipse) (Spanish Edition)

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Historical Authenticity of Camino de Invierno

My husband and I were sitting on the grass next to some rose bushes at the esplanade of Madrid's Planetarium. More than 2, people had come to witness the first annular eclipse of the Sun visible in Spain since April 1, It was about a. One of the young women sitting behind us looked up. It's so neat! An LED screen in front of the Planetarium offered a live view of the Sun, or from time to time, explanatory videos.

Other people held the glasses as an improvised filter over the camera lens of their mobile telephones. More professionally minded photographers, there in abundance, used real filters. School groups, retirees, but most of all young people had come out: unemployment is high among young adults in Spain, so they had the time and the proper finances to appreciate a free show.

Refreshments, so to speak, were provided by Wrigley's, which introduced a new brand of chewing gum that day to Spain: Trex Eclipse. Representatives handed out free packs. Over loudspeakers, an astronomer described other eclipses as the heavens continued to move above us.

Noche de difuntos (Eclipse) (Spanish Edition)

By the light was noticeably dimmer, like a cloudy day, and, next to us, the light diffracting through the tiny spaces between the leaves of the rose bushes dappled tiny crescent shapes on the ground. A Telemadrid TV station helicopter began to circle the Planetarium, photographing a sea of people staring through cardboard glasses at the sky.

Some people waved. The moment approached. The crescent shrank into a tiny sliver. The Planetarium had arranged for a violinist, Ara Malikian, to play his composition, Moon Shadow, during the peak minutes of the eclipse. He was introduced to applause. The work made use of the ability of a violinist to play two strings at once, the two notes representing the two heavenly bodies as they reached harmony — though he was hard to hear over the TV helicopter. For 4 minutes and 11 seconds, a beautiful halo of light floated overhead, too brilliant to see without shades, wonderful but weird.

The shadows under the rose bushes became rings. The light was dimmer, and shadows sparkled with a new geometry.

People looked up and around with delight. Then, the ring thinned at the bottom, and there was a flash of a Baily's bead, a pearl of light that marked the rays of the Sun passing through a valley on the edge of the surface of the Moon. The Sun became a crescent again, to more applause. The violinist explored the slow separation of the two spheres, ending with two sustained, simultaneous notes, to yet more applause. The crescent gradually grew, and eventually people began to drift off to the street, pausing for one last observation of the Sun through their souvenir glasses before they entered the subway and returned to their normal Monday routine.

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A lot of other Spanish authors will be there, too. Events are free and open to the public. Tags: science fiction , spain. Tags: spain Location: Madrid, Spain Mood: philosophical. Comment Link Share Flag. Tags: ignotus , spain Location: Madrid, Spain Mood: prized. There's been a lot of discussion lately about sexual harassment policies at science fiction conventions.

They're talking about the same thing at the fiesta in Pamplona, famous for the running of the bulls. It's eight days of activities of all sorts -- music, dancing, parades, theater, children's activities, and fireworks -- but also crowded with tourists who think "anything goes. Tags: spain. So on June 2, after 39 years on the throne, he announced his abdication, and seventeen days later Felipe VI was proclaimed not coronated the new King of Spain. A few in my neighborhood did, but most balconies went unadorned. These days all institutions have lost prestige, and the Crown has long been associated with the Catholic Church and politicians.

Both poll poorly in Spain. If the United States were like Spain, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney would have hand-picked the candidates for Congress and Senate for their parties — no primaries, just backroom deals. Obama and Romney would pick their successors. This has been going on in Spain for decades: Tammany Hall and Boss Tweed at all levels of government. Corruption is rampant, and no one in office, from municipalities to the Prime Minister, has to care about what citizens think or want.

Between and , the poorest Spaniards lost The one thing that could save the economy in the long run is education, which is systematically being undercut both in finances and policy. Juan Carlos could make things happen back then because he had real power until he had a Constitution written and placed himself under it.

But a lot of political deals had to be cut in , and the weaknesses of the Constitution and its institutions have become clear. But how can society change things if its political system deliberately stymies change? What about a republic — no king at all? Thousands of people have protested for a republic since Juan Carlos announced his abdication.

People just want a say in their government. People want more, better democracy. Better government. They hope Felipe VI can somehow change the course of the nation. Juan Martin de Pueyrredon, a major figure in the history of argentine privateering activities, signs the imprint; it was him who commanded Captains Hipolito Bouchard and Guillermo Brown to sail around the world in privateering campaigns. Persecution and martyrdom of Catholic missionaries in Vietnam; Philippine imprint. Later blue leather, front board elegantly and profusely gilt with double gilt fillets frames, lettered in gilt with author, title and printing details, rubbed.

Ink stamp to title, restored worm trace, else very good.

The Gathering

A remarkable Philippine imprint, relating crudely the relations between the Vietnamese and the Catholic mission during the first half of the 19th century; Hermosilla focuses on the most chaotic period, under which Catholic priests were executed, and converts would be imprisoned. The letter also includes notes on the current state-of-affairs of Tonkin today northern Vietnam, south of China-, which after the 18th century Tay Son revolt had left the Catholic Church virtually destroyed.

Hermosilla was a Spanish Dominican Priest and missionary, sent to Vietnam in ; in , following the martyrdom of several of his colleagues, and not having left the region despite the severe persecution, he was appointed Bishop, succeeding Father Ignacio Delgado for whose apprehension people were handsomely rewarded. After hiding in caves, attempting to prevent being captured, he was given up by a soldier, captured, put in jail, and decapitated in At the end p. An allegorical map with a unique and lovely decoupage border, made for one of the first Masonic Orders to incorporate Women Strasbourg, Engraved map, period wash color.

The dimensions of the printed map are obscured by the applied border but may be in the neighborhood of 10 h x 14 w. The border signed Filliette pinx. Backed on board, housed in an early gilt molding.

Table of contents

Border with some minor abrasions and loss of color, some minor chipping to molding. The Order was unusual for admitting women as well as men, as well as for its idiosyncratic use of maritime terminology For example, lodge masters were known as chefs d escadre, roughly commodores. Much of what is known about the Order comes from pamphlets by journalist Jean-Pierre Moet , who later rose to great heights in the French Masonry but is best remembered today as a translator of Swedenborg.

He insisted that the Order was not one of the bottle and of debauchery, yet some of his descriptions leave one to wonder. Apart from its arcane rites the main activity of the Order seems to have been feasting, with members participated in regular dinners which they financed jointly.

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They were supposed to converse using coded nautical terms, with fines for non-adherence. There are titillating references to the female anatomy - promontory for breasts, capstan for thighs, dry dock for belly and the like - to say nothing of reefing the sails for lifting up a skirt! The hierarchy of the Order was also referred to with special passwords based on acronyms; felicitas for the chefs d escadre [i.

Dominating the island is the fortified castle of Perfect Happiness. Vessels that successfully avoid the Rocks of Caprice, the Banks of Temptation, the Rocks of Prudery and other navigational hazards can anchor at one of the island s several ports. Signed by Illustrator s. A rare vocabulary of the Gypsy language in Spain. In 12mo. Contemporary half calf over boards, rubbed.

News in Slow Spanish

Scattered foxing, else good. First edition, an extremely rare work in the market on the Gypsy culture in Spain; Campuzano includes a comprehensive vocabulary a of the gypsy language or dialect. Only three copies in Spanish institutions, although stronger presence in international ones. First edition. Extremely scarce Mexican publication on the total solar eclipse occurred in an interposition of the Moon between the Earth and the Sun, obscuring the image of the Sun from an Earth perspective and partially darkening the Earth ; the eclipse was visible in Mexico, the Southeastern United States and parts of Africa.

This was the first recorded eclipse in the United States darkening parts of California towards New England. It helped fix the problem of determining the longitude and latitude of the city of Mexico. The map was published with a short tract entitled Descripcion orthographica universal del eclipse de sol del dia 24 de Junio de ; it is divided in two, the first part describes the ephemerides of the astronomical phenomenon; the second contains the description of the instruments employed and his modus operandi, basing his calculus in the methods of Kepler and Cassini.

The map is titled "Transito de la sombra y penumbra de la Luna sobre la superficie de la Tierra", it has a strange projection of the Earth: extends from California to Norway, aimed to illustrate the shadow cast by the eclipse of 24th June Leon y Gama was a Mexican astronomer, writer, and American anthropologist; he authored several titles, amongst which, the Descripcion historica y cronologica de las dos piedras is probably the most famous, describing the newly discovered Piedra del Sol.

Medina, Mexico, Extremely rare plate showing the path of the Malaspina expedition through the Strait of Magellan.

Brambila lo delineo y grabo en Very good, some small evidence of age-toning especially near previous mat line.

Noche de difuntos (Eclipse) (Spanish Edition) Noche de difuntos (Eclipse) (Spanish Edition)
Noche de difuntos (Eclipse) (Spanish Edition) Noche de difuntos (Eclipse) (Spanish Edition)
Noche de difuntos (Eclipse) (Spanish Edition) Noche de difuntos (Eclipse) (Spanish Edition)
Noche de difuntos (Eclipse) (Spanish Edition) Noche de difuntos (Eclipse) (Spanish Edition)
Noche de difuntos (Eclipse) (Spanish Edition) Noche de difuntos (Eclipse) (Spanish Edition)
Noche de difuntos (Eclipse) (Spanish Edition) Noche de difuntos (Eclipse) (Spanish Edition)
Noche de difuntos (Eclipse) (Spanish Edition) Noche de difuntos (Eclipse) (Spanish Edition)
Noche de difuntos (Eclipse) (Spanish Edition) Noche de difuntos (Eclipse) (Spanish Edition)

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