His Wish, My Command (Billionaire Romance)

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I grinned and nestled into the bed as though getting comfortable and ready to enjoy the show. She glanced toward the open door and back to me. I took my time raking my gaze down over her straightened form, enjoying the hell out of her display of spunk. I wanted to see more of it—and I wanted to mark her pale skin until she melted beneath my hands and begged to follow me around like a needy little pussy cat.

Her breath caught as her attention dropped to the sheet tenting over my groin. She yanked open my guest room door, disappearing in a clatter of cleaning supplies jostling in the bucket she clutched. I chuckled and palmed my dick again, deciding to make a mess on the sheets she would be back to strip off the bed later.

Lynn Burke is a full time mother, voracious gardener, and scribbler of spicy romance stories. A country bumpkin turned Bay Stater, she enjoys her chowdah and Dunkin Donuts when not trying to escape the reality of city life. Important info: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This applies to any Amazon links you click from this site. Site created by Writer Marketing Services. She fears addiction.

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Lynn Burke October 15, at pm. Latest Releases. Kindle Unlimited Books. Sign up for my newsletter. Follow Me. Follow Me on BookBub. Add My Books. Works in Progress Moonstone. Engaged to work just two more days there, Lilah knew that she too would soon be unemployed. Vickie was already zipping Ben into his jacket, because Lilah left the little boy at nursery school on her way into work. It was a brisk spring day, with a breeze, and constantly forced to claw her hair out of her eyes, Lilah regretted not having taken the time to put her hair up long before she dropped her little brother off at the school.

Unfortunately she had been suffering sleepless nights and scrambling out of bed every morning heavy-eyed, running late.

Ever since she had learned that Bastien Zikos had bought her father's failed business she had been struggling to hide her apprehension. In that less-than-welcoming attitude to the new owner, however, Lilah stood very much alone. The Receivers had been ecstatic to find a buyer, while her father and various resident worthies had expressed the hope that the new owner would re-employ some of the people who had lost their jobs when Moore Components closed. Only Lilah, who had once received a disturbing glimpse of the cold diamond-cutting strength of Bastien's ruthlessness, was full of pessimism and thought the prospect of Bastien arriving to break good news to the local community unlikely.

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In fact, if ever a man could have been said to have scared Lilah, it was Bastien Zikos. Everything about the tall, amazingly handsome Greek had unnerved her. The way he looked, the way he talked, the domineering way he behaved. Although Lilah was only twenty-three she had distrusted self-assured, slick and handsome men all her life, fully convinced that most of them were lying, cheating players.

Mercifully all that behaviour had stopped once her father met Vickie, and since then Lilah had contrived to forge a new and much closer relationship with her surviving parent. Only now Robert Moore had settled down was his daughter able to respect him again and forgive him for the past.

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Bastien, on the other hand, was not the family-man type, and he had always enjoyed his bad reputation as a womaniser. He was an unashamed sexual predator, accustomed to reaching out and just taking any woman who took his fancy. He was rich, astute and incredibly good-looking.

Women fell like ninepins around him, running to him the instant he crooked an inviting finger. But Lilah had run in the opposite direction, determined not to have her heart broken and her pride trampled by a man who only wanted her for her body. She wanted a man who loved and cared about her and who would stick by her no matter what came their way. Being powerfully attracted to a man like Bastien Zikos had been a living nightmare for Lilah, and she had refused to acknowledge her reaction to him or surrender to the temptation he provided.

Yet even now, two years on, Lilah could still remember her first sight of him across a crowded auction room. She had been there to view a pendant that had once belonged to her mother and which Vickie, unaware of Lilah's attachment to the piece, had put up for sale.

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Lilah had planned to buy it back quietly at auction, preferring that option to the challenge of telling Vickie that she had actually been pretty upset when her father had so thoughtlessly given all her late mother's jewellery to his then live-in girlfriend. And the first person Lilah had seen that day had been Bastien, black hair falling over his brow, his bold bronzed profile taut as he examined something in his hand while an auction assistant in overalls stood by an open display cabinet.

When she had been directed to that same cabinet she had been hugely taken aback to see that Bastien had had her mother's very ordinary silver sea horse pendant clasped in his lean brown hand.


He had turned over the pendant to display the engraving on the back, composed of two letter As enclosed in a heart shape. What an extraordinary coincidence that it should have belonged to both our mothers. He'd been close enough that she'd been able to see the dark stubble shadowing his strong jawline and smell the citrus-sharp tenor of his cologne.

Her nostrils had flared as she'd taken a hasty step backwards and cannoned into someone behind her. Bastien had shot out a hand to steady her before she could stumble, long brown fingers closing round her narrow shoulder like a metal vice to keep her upright. Lilah had jerked back again, breathless and flushed, heat flickering in places she had never felt warm before as her gaze had collided with the tall Greek's stunning eyes.

I'm planning to buy it,' Bastien had imparted drily. Lilah's teeth had snapped together as though he had slapped her. With reluctance Bastien had settled the pendant into her hand.

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Her eyes had prickled as she looked at it, because her mother had loved the fanciful piece and had often worn it in summer. The pendant reawakened a few of the happier memories of Lilah's childhood. Lilah had dealt him a bemused look of surprise. Maybe I would like to hear about where the necklace has been all these years. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Read an excerpt of this book!

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Married billionaire tycoon 'bought woman's silence after she claimed he gave her two STDs'

Buy As Gift. If Delilah wants to save her father's ailing business, she must agree to Bastien's commands: be his mistress, wear his diamonds and wait for him in his bed! But what will this exacting tycoon do when he discovers that his sassy mistress is a virgin? About the Author Lynne Graham lives in Northern Ireland and has been a keen romance reader since her teens. Happily married, Lynne has five children. Her eldest is her only natural child.

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Her other children, who are every bit as dear to her heart, are adopted. The family has a variety of pets, and Lynne loves gardening, cooking, collecting allsorts and is crazy about every aspect of Christmas. Show More. Average Review. Write a Review. The Greek Commands His Mistress 3. Anonymous More than 1 year ago.

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago Likable characters. Fun read. Related Searches. At the Ruthless Billionaire's Command. Sleeping with the enemy Gregorio de la Cruz doesn't care if innocent Lia Fairbanks holds Gregorio de la Cruz doesn't care if innocent Lia Fairbanks holds him responsible for ruining her life.

His Wish, My Command (Billionaire Romance) His Wish, My Command (Billionaire Romance)
His Wish, My Command (Billionaire Romance) His Wish, My Command (Billionaire Romance)
His Wish, My Command (Billionaire Romance) His Wish, My Command (Billionaire Romance)
His Wish, My Command (Billionaire Romance) His Wish, My Command (Billionaire Romance)
His Wish, My Command (Billionaire Romance) His Wish, My Command (Billionaire Romance)
His Wish, My Command (Billionaire Romance) His Wish, My Command (Billionaire Romance)

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