Gargoyles Mate (Gargoyles Book 1)

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Macduff, Leeland Macduff, Lennox! Now, here's an address, just like that. Broadway: No! They are magic! But you can't burn them, Goliath. You can't! It's Merlin's life, in his own words.

Gargoyles- The Ishimura clan

When you read them, they take you there. It is magic, Goliath. Precious magic. Jeffrey Robbins: The written word is all that stands between memory and oblivion. Without books as our anchors, we are cast adrift, neither teaching nor learning. They are windows on the past, mirrors on the present, and prisms reflecting all possible futures. Books are lighthouses erected in the dark sea of time. Demona: Any who would turn on me. And you're not a guest.

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You serve the human, now you can serve me. Elisa Maza: Yeah, I know, you're as relieved I am that everything's back to normal. Puck: Well, let's just get this over with, shall we? How can I be of service, hmm? Out with it. I haven't got all night. Demona: You've got all millennium if I choose. I don't want to turn to stone anymore. Puck: Of course.

You want to stroll down Fifth Avenue in the sunshine. I'm sure you'll fit right in. Puck: What is it you really want? After all these centuries, you're still carrying a torch. Well, if that's you want, I can make him love you again. Piece of cake Demona: That's it!

Gargoyle's Mate

That's what I want! If you cannot get rid of all the humans, then at least rid me of that human: Elisa Maza! Puck: Did you say that human, or that human? Oh, never mind, I'll figure it out. This just might be fun after all. Goliath: My strength has never depended on brute force, Demona, but on true friends. Demona: I wanted you to destroy the humans, not give them the gift of being a gargoyle!

Brooklyn: Yeah. Goliath: [Elisa's now a gargoyle] I never realized, when you were human, how beautiful you are. Demona: I would know you no matter what your form, Goliath! Take care of them, Puck. Puck: As you wish Humans love a battle hearty. So does Puck; come on, let's party! Goliath: It ends now, Puck. Change everyone back to the way they were before Demona summoned you.

Do it, and you win your freedom. Puck: It will be my pleasure. But afterwards, I'm going to need a very long nap. First the humans I'll attend. Demona: The sun I never thought that it could feel so good. Broadway: Elisa, I'm sorry about the bomb. But it proves how dangerous this case is. Elisa Maza: Too dangerous for an amateur detective playing out a movie fantasy!

I'm alone on this one. Broadway: Matt was no amateur and he worked alone. Where'd it get him? Elisa, let me be your partner! Broadway: When someone messes with your partner. You're supposed to do something about it. Case closed! Dominic Dracon: [reading a note] "I feel sorry for you, D.

You still haven't learned that crime doesn't pay. Your old partner, Mace. Owen Burnett: Actually, Mr. Xanatos, I believe he's right. You've never looked more heroic. Brooklyn: I can hardly wait! We can walk around on the streets and nobody will know who we are. Elisa Maza: [To Goliath] Come on. I've wanted to stroll down a city street with you for a long time.

David Xanatos: We're genetically compatible, highly intelligent, and have the same goals. Elisa Maza: But you can't. Any more that I can be here guarding you all day long. Everyone's vulnerable, Goliath.

But it helps knowing someone cares. David Xanatos: Incredible.

If I'd have known the Eye of Odin had that kind of power, I never would have just given it away. Oh-well, spilt milk. Let's move on to plan B. Elisa Maza: [pointing her weapon at Xanatos. Elisa Maza: [To Goliath. It's a trick!

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He couldn't tell the truth if his life depended on it! David Xanatos: But my life doesn't depend on this. It's Fox's life we're talking about. Goliath: I have no more love for Fox than for you. Even if what you say is true, why should I help her? Elisa Maza: Don't even think about it, Goliath! Can't you see this is his plan D?

Iron & Hemlock, no. 2

If it fails, he'll move on to E or F. Goliath: A noble effort, Xanatos. But another failure. Not a good night for you. Goliath: I know, but that creature is still a danger to my castle, my city. And if Xanatos speaks the truth, if someone like him can love, perhaps there is some hope for this world. Judge Roebling: We are gathered here today to join David Xanatos and Cherish it always, as I cherish my half.

Gargoyles Mate (Gargoyles Book 1)
Gargoyles Mate (Gargoyles Book 1)
Gargoyles Mate (Gargoyles Book 1)
Gargoyles Mate (Gargoyles Book 1)
Gargoyles Mate (Gargoyles Book 1)
Gargoyles Mate (Gargoyles Book 1)
Gargoyles Mate (Gargoyles Book 1)
Gargoyles Mate (Gargoyles Book 1)

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