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Thank you Rogerthat and Vinto for your amazing responses which just happen to reflect my perspective also. I am other than attracted to males and I am attracted to beautiful ladyboys and I do not see them as ladyboys but instead persons whom I am attracted to.

Actually, I do not try to see them as women or as men but just as they are which is almost either genderless or gender-more or androgynous…kind of like God but not necessarily Godlike. I truly feel that all men are homophobic on a scale of and that in my experience, being intimate with a ladyboy is embracing my homophobia which I consider healthy regardless of how I embrace her.

I agree with Vinto and to some extend with the theory of Rogerthat. I had a sister and from young age a girlfriend so I knew how what female organs looked like, however for several years I was under the impression that sex went anal. See my story here. What if a ladyboy is attracted to women? Is this ladyboy a heterosexual straight then?

8 Ways to Tell a Pretty Ladyboy from a Pretty Girl

Homosexuality is being attracted to members of the same sex. Even post-op tgs are still MEN a genetic level. As any straight man would tell you…. In a supposition that a ladyboy is attracted solely by women, this ladyboy is straight then? I am a tgirl mostly attracted to woman.

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I dont think liking lady boys make you gay … But i also dont think ladyboys are women. If you take a toyota and modify everything for it look like a Ferrari, does it make it a Ferrari? No its a broken toyota. According to Chris, if a ladyboy has a relationship with a man, both are gays, but what if a ladyboy or transwoman in general is attracted only to women?

It makes this transwoman a heterosexual person? No one wanted to answer because you know nothing about sexuality. It seems that Chris and others here think that just being a ladyboy transwoman makes a person gay, regardless which sex she is attracted to. Being transgender is gender identity, being gay, bi or hetero is sexual orientation, totally separate things.

I am a bisexual transgender person and i love women. In my case I am a bisexual Tgirl, a transbi. Chris, thank you for the opportunity of commenting in your blog. All the best to you. If you were a man and transgendered to a woman then you are a woman. If you still think of yourself in the male sense after transgendering then you probably transgendered to soon.

Those are just indicators. You call non op trans women ladyboys using masculine pronouns and names and this is disrespectful and wrong. Gender identity matters much more than anything else. Hence, masculine names ou pronouns are offensive to me. Greggg, you call non op trans women ladyboys using masculine pronouns and names as if MtF transgenders were men and this is not fair because we have feminine gender identity and this matter much more than genitalia and anything else.

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I am a non op MtF and i feel I am a transgender woman. I think that if someone identifies as a particular gender, they should be recognized as that gender in appearance. If they look more female regardless if they have male genetalia or not and identify as such, then they should be recognized as that and visa versa. Sexual orientation is whatever a person feels naturally attracted to and if that means a female with a penis or male with a vagina, who cares about how they label their sexuality?

The person is still the same whether they like to take a male, female or 3rd gendered person to bed with them. Personal preference is exactly that — personal. But labels? Unecessary and a ridiculous notion I say. The logic that sex with a ladyboy makes you gay or bi is ridiculous.

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Does sex with a female with a strapon make you gay? Maybe now you can see why some of these ladyboys are angry or aggressive. Excuse me while I clear my throat Next up is the voice. The only give away here would be the Adams apple and any boy that grows one of these is already at a distinct disadvantage if they feel the need to change their gender or to even just be a performance artist or drag queen.

To alter this the male would need to go through very painful surgery called Chondrolaryngoplasty. This procedure is done under local anaesthesia to sedate and keep the patient relaxed. The plastic surgeon then places a small horizontal incision along a natural skin fold in the neck to expose the tracheal cartilage then proceeds to shave down the tracheal convexity.

The patient can sometimes be discharged on the same day and come back for a follow up after roughly a week. The first being that the swagger may just act like a swinging punch bag and you will get hit on the back swing.

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The other reason of course is that some of these ladyboy performers are not the friendliest people in the world and may just take a swing at you if you cross into their personal space too often. This type of ladyboys are the one that many people will warn you about if you mention that you are thinking of visiting Thailand. They are brash and rude and are not afraid to get into a fight if they feel the need.

Key points:

Some of them are taking a long list of supplements and drugs to enhance their appearance and some of those pills and potions may not always be of the legally prescribed variety and can have serious effects on the personality and emotions of the user. Now before you think that these are bad people let me explain why they do what they do. Now add to that the feeling that you are not the person you were born as. You feel trapped inside the wrong body with no way out. What do you do when you are desperate?

Often these ladyboys will become thieves and can work in teams to steal your belongings. Again, this type of ladyboy is not indicative of every ladyboy but unfortunately bad news and sensationalism sells and you will always hear the bad and negative stories about Thailand but rarely hear the good ones. I have spoken to hundreds of ladyboys from all walks of life over the years and I can say without a doubt that the majority of them are caring, polite, decent human beings that are either doing what they do through the need to provide for themselves or through the need to be comfortable in a body they believe is not what they should be occupying.

The faker The Faker as I commonly refer to them as is the guy that has no interest in changing gender and just masquerades as a ladyboy for fun. These guys are often gay men or bisexual and dress up to find a boyfriend or to get attention. These guys dress up for thrills and laughs. They enjoy acting as the female for role play etc.

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  5. Many will spend a lot of money on accessories such as high end fake breasts and clothing to help them conceal their man parts. These are the elite, the cream of the crop. Following from that they usually gain celebrity status and go on to star in movies or get positions on Thai TV shows. Winning one of these titles in Thailand is as big as winning a Miss World crown and takes huge dedication and work to even gain entry. These competitions are huge spectacles and many are televised and can pull in massive viewer numbers and of course this can mean massive revenue for all involved. There are red carpets, flashing lights, camera crews and celebrities all on hand to provide the public with a dazzling show of sparkling ball gowns and long legs.

    These performers are amazing. They have spent their entire lives in preparation for these events and cabaret shows and nothing is left to chance. From the perfect costumes to the smooth legs. From carefully formed eye brows to clever concealment of their manhood if still present these women mean business and nothing will stand in their way. The hair and makeup have to be perfect, the walk has to be to super model standards and every action is scrutinised by the panel of judges only waiting for the girls to make a mistake. Just like the Miss World competition this one has several categories.

    Do Ladyboys Fancy Other Ladyboys? Do Ladyboys Fancy Other Ladyboys?
    Do Ladyboys Fancy Other Ladyboys? Do Ladyboys Fancy Other Ladyboys?
    Do Ladyboys Fancy Other Ladyboys? Do Ladyboys Fancy Other Ladyboys?
    Do Ladyboys Fancy Other Ladyboys? Do Ladyboys Fancy Other Ladyboys?
    Do Ladyboys Fancy Other Ladyboys? Do Ladyboys Fancy Other Ladyboys?
    Do Ladyboys Fancy Other Ladyboys? Do Ladyboys Fancy Other Ladyboys?
    Do Ladyboys Fancy Other Ladyboys? Do Ladyboys Fancy Other Ladyboys?

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